Who We Are

Fiji Muslim League (FML) was established in 1926 to promote Islam and safeguard and pursue the rights and interests of Muslims in Fiji. That it has done consistently and effectively throughout its history.
Our founding fathers vision and commitment has made Fiji Muslim League this day a successful organisation deeply vested in muslims across Fiji and the Pacific.
In Fiji, FML fully participates in public affairs as the national representative organisation of Fiji’s (Sunni) Muslims.

Our Vision

To uphold Islamic values for a just society in quest of "Amar Bil Maroof and Nahia Anil Munkar" and toImprove the quality of life of the Ummah through Dawah, ilm, Economic enterprise and Zakat.

What we Do

The Fiji Muslim League promotes Islam, safeguards and pursues the rights and interests of Muslims in Fiji and across the pacific. With the help of its affiliate partners, Fiji Muslim League has forged a solid foundation within the communities in Fiji and in the pacific region.