Our History

Fiji Muslim League (FML) was established in 1926 to promote Islam and safeguard and pursue the rights and interests of Muslims in Fiji. That it has done consistently and effectively throughout its history.

In Fiji, FML fully participates in public affairs as the national representative organisation of Fiji’s (Sunni) Muslims.

FML and its branches own and manage 17 primary schools, 5 secondary schools and one tertiary/vocational institution. Besides its national headquarters, it has 23 branches throughout Fiji and 3 subsidiary organisations for women, youth and sports. It has active affiliation with many international Islamic organisations. FML and its branches also maintain mosques in all districts and major centres of Fiji.

Front row from left: M. S. Buksh, Abdul Aziz (President), A. G. Sahu Khan (Vice President), K. K. Naseerudean (General Secretary).

Back row from left: Ibrahim Mallam, Nuren Khan and Khiffayat Hussein

Though education remains its main activity, FML provides zakat (charity) to the poor and needy. It also provides Islamic counseling in social matters such as marriage, family life, inheritance and consumer issues. There are about 55,000 Muslims in Fiji, around 8% of Fiji’s population. Though the Muslims enjoy religious freedom, they constitute a minority and are very dependent on their only national organisation, the Fiji Muslim League. 

FML is actively involved in offering the following services:

Social Welfare
Consumer Issues
Haj (Pilgrimage)
Dawah (Propagation) and Counselling
Fatwa (Religious Issues)